My name is Jamie. I am the Chairman for the London Historical Fencing Club, as well as one of two longsword instructors.

LHFC formed in July 2016 and runs classes in central London. We train 3 nights a week with 3 different weapons and are continuing to grow strongly.

I teach regular classes on Vadi’s longsword system on Monday nights from 7-9 near Victoria. See our web page for more details.

I have been been studying HEMA since 2014, with a particular focus on 15th Century Italian Longsword. My initial instruction, as with most Italian longsword people, was in the tradition of of Fiore de’i Liberi, and I still incorporate elements from this system in my fighting.

I became interested in the later Italian master, Philipo di Vadi, in March 2016, due to an online event by Esfinges to encourage people to read new masters for a month. It was only ever intended to be temporary.

My fascination grew at least in part due to reading so many accounts of Vadi’s work as simply derivative of Fiore. Whilst I felt the links were clear, my emerging interpretation differed drastically from how I viewed the earlier Italian master’s work.

This blog was started, in part, because I feel there is so little good information out there on Vadi. Although my interpretation is still emerging, I am keen to share my thoughts on this often overlooked master.

If you think my interpretation is wrong in any way, I encourage you to comment and let me know. Working directly with the text with no external instruction is hard and slow, and I will be sure to get something wrong in the process. Like Vadi himself said before me, in writing here I place myself under the censure of my peers.


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