Works on Vadi

I am frequently asked, both online and by my students, about what secondary resources there are to help understand Vadi. Sadly, Vadi is not one of the most commonly studied sources, and compared to many other HEMA masters there is still relatively little secondary material about him. This page summarises everything published or readily available that I am aware of. 

Translations & Books

There are by now several translations out there, some freely available others that can be purchased, and some difficult to find. 

My recommendation for a translation is Guy Windsor’s new version, which can be downloaded without images, with a “pay what you like” model (download). The images can be found on Wiktenauer, but note that this has his old translation on it. Alternatively, you can read it as part of his book which you can purchase on Amazon, which also contains a lot of background information and history of the manuscript, as well as his interpretation and a full colour facsimile. Due to some information being spread over different sections, the print version is easier to use.  

The table below lists all known published or available English translations. 


T = Translation, Im = Images, B = Background, In = Interpretation, A = Readily Available

Guy WindsorPhillipo VadiOnline (Wiki)YYY YWeb Page
Guy WindsorThe Art of Swordfighting in Earnest (Extract)PDFY   YDownload
Guy WindsorThe Art of Swordfighting in EarnestPrint / eBookYYYYYAmazon
Guy WindsorVeni Vadi ViciPrint / eBookYYYY Amazon
Marco Rubboli & Luca CesariThe Knightly Art of Combat of Philippo VadiPDFY YYYDownload
Greg Mele & Luca PorzioArte Gladiatoria Dimicandi: 15th Century Swordsmanship of Master Filippo VadiPrintYYYY Amazon
Ian DavisDe Arte Gladiatoria DimicandiPrintYY???Lulu

The only other published work is a full colour facsimile in print. The images are all available online through Wiktenaeur, but if you want a print copy to compare with it’s a good quality version to have with you. You can buy it on Amazon.


Jamie MacIver

I’m not sure how you might have arrived here without first seeing the blog, but there you go. This is by far the interpretation of Vadi with which I agree the most! Most of the blog and site pages are Vadi related, although I do touch on other aspects of HEMA. Updates are relatively infrequent.

Guy Windsor

Guy’s blog is not a dedicated Vadi blog, and contains a lot of different material about the numerous projects he has going on. There are several interesting Vadi articles on there, some of which have been built upon in his new published book. 

Chivalric Fighting Arts Association

Updated even less frequently than my own blog, and covering a wide range of topics. This blog has several great articles that discuss Vadi in it, specifically on claims that Vadi is closely aligned to Fiore, which is a view very different to my own. 

Video & Gif:

Sala D’Arma Aquila Gladiatrix

This is the channel for the club of the same name in Urbino, who work primarily with Vadi. It has a series of videos that collectively shows all of the 25 plays in Vadi. It is the most comprehensive and visually impressive work covering the longsword plays that I know of to date. 



A channel run by Connor Kemp-Cowell of the Philadelphia Common Fencers Guild . As well as a few sparring videos, he has the “Hipster Longsword” series. This is a great series, and is so far the only set of videos that focus on the all important text portion of Vadi’s work. 

Médiéval Combat

This is the channel for a French club of the same name, who work with Vadi amongst other masters. As well as having an interpretation for all 25 longsword plays, they have gone through most of the dagger plays as well. Look in the Playlists section to find a playlist for each of these.

Sword School

A school in Finland founded by Guy Windsor, that focuses more on Fiore than Vadi. There are a handful of videos on Vadi, which largely do not look at the plays, and so provide a fresh take on some of the textual components of the book.


Jedra (Makeagif)

My personal channel on MakeAGif (a service that allows me to create Gifs from YouTube videos). I am creating gifs from tournament and sparring footage that shows specific parts of the book, and then organising them into albums for ease of use. The relevant albums are listed below.

Vadi’s Plays

Applications of “Rotare”

Actions in Mezzo Tempo

Parry and Counter actions


*not only from Vadi